FNV Introduction

Fjölbrautaskóli Norðurlands vestra, FNV, is a comprehensive secondary school located in Sauðárkrókur, a town of ca. 3000 inhabitants. Sauðárkrókur is in the north of Iceland, about 300 km distance from Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland.

FNV offers a variety of programmes both academic and vocational besides a special education program. Most academic courses are also available via distance learning. All students have access to Fab lab (Fabrication Laboratory) and the vocational departments are equipped with the latest technology. The latest addition includes a sports academy in soccer and basketball in association with the local soccer and basketball teams.

Approximately 500 students attend various study fields in FNV, whereof approximately 200 are distance learning students. Students are of all ages but the majority are aged 16 to 20.

The student society runs a wide array of activities for its members thus creating an active social atmosphere in the school. It includes various clubs, dances, sports events, school visits to other secondary schools, a cultural event and a song contest, but the last two events are open to the public.

Along with learning Icelandic, English and Danish the students have a choice between learning German and Spanish.